Healthy Ideas for Kids Snacks

Healthy Ideas for Kids Snacks

You''d like your kids'' snacks to be healthy and it''s easier than you think to provide healthy snacks for kids! Snacks for kids don''t have to be full of sugar, artificial colors and chemical ingredients so the key is to look for whole foods that they will love. Try our delicious recipes for fruity dessert bars and rice balls too.

Here are some kid''s snacks your children are sure to love:

  • Yogurt - speaking of yogurt, one great snack for kids is yogurt. However, look for low sugar or mix in your own stevia or honey (only for children over age 2)
  • Nuts and nut butters are full of calcium and protein (only if your child has no allergy to nuts or peanuts). Try apple slices with almond butter "dip"
  • Sunflower seeds are packed with polyunsaturated fats, essential linoleic acid, and vitamin E, all of which are heart healthy. Sunflower seeds also contain zinc and potassium.
  • Whole grain toast or bread - make sure whole wheat or some whole grain is the first ingredient listed on the label. Some "wheat breads" are really made of refined white flower with a little coloring thrown in.

Recipe for fruity dessert bars - As healthy snacks for kids go, these can''t be beat!..

Mix the first 4 ingredients together and cook until mixture is smooth and thick, then add the vanilla. Create a nice crumb mixture with the remaining ingredients, in a medium mixing bowl. In a greased 9X12 pan, pour 1/2 of the crumb mixture and press it down firmly to create a crust. Pour the cooked fruit into the pan and top with the remaining crumb mixture.

Bake at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes. These squares can be made with other fruits as well. Try diced apple as an alternative.

Besides being a delicious kids'' snack, these delicious fruit squares are a great school lunch idea too!

Mix all these ingredients together thoroughly in a mixing bowl.Create small balls from the mixture and place them on waxed paper and store in a sealed container to keep fresh.

  • Check out the health food aisles at your local supermarket - there are plenty of low sugar, whole grain options that make terrific snacks for kids.

So remember, when your kids come home from school hungry or you''re looking for a kids snack idea that''s healthy, reach for our list, instead of soda and chips for your child. The health habits you teach them now will determine their future choices

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